Emotions and feelings run freely in the walls of one Hudson Valley studio. With acrylics and pastels, Mike Garda enables open conversations about mental health on each canvas. He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Fine Art from Syracuse University Mike recently completed his Master’s in Counseling and Art Therapy from Caldwell University and is looking forward to making an impact as a mental health professional. As an interdisciplinary artist and art therapist, he uses his platform to combat mental illness and the stigma surrounding mental health. One way Mike does so is by unpacking identity’s relationship with psychology. Through his own exploration of self as a queer artist, he often illustrates the intersectionality between mental health and sexuality. 

Outside studio walls, Mike is a Jersey-bred Capricorn making a new home for himself in New York. He loves cuddling with his four dogs while watching horror movies, and being a plant dad to the array of greenery in his garden.

Contributions & Exhibitions

Dutchess Pride Center, Celebrate Dutchess Pride, June 2021

-Hopewell Junction, NY, curated community gallery show

J Mane Gallery, Mind Body Spirit, March 2021: https://www.jmanegallery.com/mind-body-spirit-2021

-Juried online group exhibition

Cornell Creative Art Center, We're All Human, September 2020

-Kingston, NY, juried group exhibition

Barron Arts Center, Pet Projects, September 2020

-Woodbridge NJ, curated group gallery show

Ikouii, Collective Impact, June 2020: https://mailchi.mp/6391f9023807/ikouii-open-enter-exhibition

-virtual group exhibition

Treat Gallery, Brooklyn NY; Until We Meet Again, June 2020: https://treatgallery.org/exhibitions

-virtual group exhibition 

Quarantine Zine, Issue 2, May 2020: https://www.sharidiamond.net/quarantine-zine-issue-2/

-2 page spread on theme "Alone" 

Queerantine Zine, May 2020: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/63393388/zin-kvirantena-queerantine-zine

-2 page spread about queer life during the pandemic


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