New Year

I almost forgot about this thing.

I made it a goal to tweak my website a little in January to add some new work to my site and reflect some of the changes that have happened towards the end of 2020. 

One big thing: I graduated from my Master’s program! It still feels a little unreal to me, but I am excited to be taking a big step forward to beginning work as an art therapist and mental health professional. 

I created more work in 2020 than I ever has an artist, with the exception of some tough undergrad classes. The big difference to me is that I have been finding motivation to create art for myself and not simply completing assignments. The work I have made over this year has been very personal, challenging, and experimental. In 2021 I hope to continue to create at this level and push myself even further (maybe I will even write in this blog more often?). 

Since graduating I haven’t been feeling as creative. The structure of my life came from school, internships, working. Now, all of that has slipped away so suddenly (and yes, thank you unemployment we meet again). I’ve always found it a little counterintuitive that I struggle to create when I have more than enough time to do it. When I have too much time to create I tend to not recognize my time for being as valuable as it is. I can take time in the studio for granted. When there is more structure I feel more compelled to use my time effectively and embrace the process fully for however long I have. 

Here’s to a hopefully more grounded 2021 and another year of making. 


Hello, anyone there?

Do you ever feel like nobody is listening regardless of your volume?

Do you ever feel like you can’t even hear yourself?

I created this response art in my art journal a few weeks ago and was thinking again about this today. What does it mean to be not heard? How does it feel like in my body? 

I’ve been thinking about my voice and what to do with it and how to use my voice to be an ally without overtaking the narrative as a dominant voice. I have been reflecting on how my queer identity also shapes the story I tell and how that impacts my entire life and what I say. I’ve been wondering when it is appropriate to speak up and when it is best to listen. I am challenging myself to listen hard and think critically about when to use my voice. 

We also need to remember to be in tune with ourselves and listen to what we are trying to communicate to ourselves, through our sensations, our thoughts, and our feelings. 


I came across this while on a walk and thought it was so simple, but also so telling of the world we live in. I think a lot of what people are spending years of their lives looking for is really to be found within themselves. It’s finding the path to that part of ourselves that is the hard part. 

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