First post!

I’m not sure why I even decided to create a website but I am so happy I did. I am really proud of myself for creating this really quickly too. I think I needed this to help me feel more professional and authentic as an artist. Although I don’t make art as a full-time job I still believe so strongly in the importance of art in my life both personally and as it relates to my development and identity as an art therapist. I am hoping to use this blog to continue to work on being able to communicate about my art and my process. I’ve also started an art journal recently which I use to process my feelings and what is happening in my life and I will include some of those entries here. The journal has been helpful in pushing my writing voice and boosting my confidence in including my prose in my artwork to build more of a visual narrative. I expect this blog to be a bit about my work, a bit about my life, and a lot about my feelings (and my dogs).

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